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About SuperVettes

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality products and services, coupled with convenience to the Corvette Community by offering a place for clients to feel confident coming to for any and all of their Corvette needs. From basic accessories that we carry in our online store, to in-house, unique, custom Supervette conversions… there aren’t any products or services too large or small for us to handle.

Unlike many of the larger aftermarket parts and accessory companies, we are driven by passion, whereas most of our competitors are purely profit-driven and therefore lacks the knowledge, and professionalism that all of us hopes to receive when investing into our Corvettes.�

Supervettes LLC’s founder Jason R. Hunkler has been passionate about sports cars, particularly Corvettes since childhood. Starting with a 1979 L82 Stingray, to a 2010 C6… designing and customizing Corvettes to be unique, extreme, and yet classy, has not only been a obsessive hobby for Jason, but also a way of life.

Always striving to exceed one’s imagination, and to “wow” the audience, Jason has created many rolling-masterpieces, critically tweaked to show-car perfection, which have been sold and enjoyed by their new owners throughout the USA over the past 30 years. With the consistent question of “how can I make my car look like that?” – it was very clear that this was Jason’s true calling.

With a clear and focused goal to offer the most Extreme, Unique, Corvette Masterpieces… Supervettes™ LLC was born.

Although many sports car enthusiasts agree that the Corvette is by far the best bang for your buck available on the market, we believe there is much room for improvement… in all aspects of it’s design, and of course performance! We look at the Corvette similar to the way an artist views a blank canvas. It’s the very best platform to start with.

One design aspect that is indisputably consistent amongst all “Supercars” throughout the world today is the width. Supercars are low and wide, period. Although the Corvette performs like a Supercar from the factory, and is placed right along side of some of the world’s most elite, in our opinion, it just doesn’t look like one.

Understandably, as a mass production auto manufacturer, GM has a financial goal to achieve, which consists of selling tens of thousands of Corvette each and every year. In order to do this, their design team is restricted from going to the same extremes as we at Supervettes™ can go to. From simple reproduction body kits, to mind-bending Supervettes™ Concept designs, we strive to meet and exceed all of our customers’ expectations.


Instead of being “just another Corvette” on the road, we guarantee that our Supervettes™ will earn respect from even the most critical sports car enthusiasts from all walks of life.


Our clients consist of anyone who appreciates the Corvettes aesthetic design and performance, but like us, agrees that it could be a little more aggressive… in all areas. There is no limit to what we can design for you. We can custom design a unique Supervette to fit our clients like a fine, custom-tailored suit. Please feel free to inquire about our VIP Custom Design Services to learn how we can turn your dreams into reality.